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Is there anything you can do about sun damage?

Samantha from Flemington writes that her mom used to lay in the Sun all the time unfortunately she now had a little sun damage to her skin. Is there something she can do about it that’s not too invasive. A: Getting sun is probably one of the worst things Read More

Is there such thing as an ‘ear job?

Amy from Hoboken writes… My husband Carl has pretty big ears like Dumbo big. I know you can get a nose job but how about an ear job? A: This is a procedure where we surgically reshape or what some people call pin back prominent years. The sad thing Read More

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift

Jasmine from Mercerville writes that she suffers from a terrible case of flat butt. “My boyfriend told me I need a brazilian butt lift. What the heck is that? A: Jasmine, the first thing you have to do is tell your boyfriend that you don’t need anything. I tell Read More

How can I reduce how much I sweat?

Anna from trevose says…dear doc… I sweat a lot. I use anti-persperant and deodorant and I sweat. I know sweating is necessary, but is there anything that can be done to at least cut down on the amount? A: Anna,while sweating is normal to help cool the body down Read More

What are my current options for hair regrowth?

Martin from Princeton writes… Dear doc, I’m 27 years old and hair loss is becoming a problem. I don’t scars or pain. Are there any advances in the field that could actually regrow my hair? A: Martin, today you have so many options to treat hair loss that we Read More

Do lip fillers last forever?

Angie from Robbinsville asks… Dear doc, lots of female celebrities seem to be resorting to plastic surgery for fuller lips. Does that last forever, or do you have to keep getting it done? A: Hi Angie, your right, those full luscious lips you see the celebrities pouting aren’t all Read More

What can I do about chin fat?

Peggy from Hopewell has this week’s question… Dear doc, I’ve been working out religiously for over a year, and have pretty much met my goal of losing 30 pounds. However, the fat just below my chin remains, and it’s driving me crazy. What can I do about it? Read More

How do I know if breast reduction is right for me?

Amy from Mt. Laurel writes… Dear doc, over the years my back back has gotten worse and worse and my friends seem positive it’s because of my double d’s. I’m starting to consider breast reduction surgery. How do I know if it’s right for me? Read More

What exactly is the difference between botox and fillers

Lorie in Levittown has this weeks question. Dear doc, I’m interested in reducing my facial wrinkles but was wondering; what exactly is the difference between botox and fillers? Read More

Am I a Good Candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes males to grow large, pendulous breasts of the type normally seen on females. There are many causes of the condition, and some cases happen for no discernible reason. While it is non-cancerous and usually has no impact on a man’s health, gynecomastia can Read More

What is NeoGraft® Hair Restoration and How Can It Improve My Overall Appearance?

Gone are the days when hair loss was a problem that could ruin your social life and self-esteem. Over the last couple of decades, hair restoration techniques have evolved beyond most people’s expectations. Now, both men and women experiencing hair loss have plenty of options to solve their problem; NeoGraft® […] Read More


Suffering from Chronic Migraines? Migraine Surgery May Be the Solution

A migraine is a painful headache that can occur with photosensitivity, nausea and vomiting. According to the National Headache Foundation, it afflicts over 28 million Americans. Most patients are women, and about 25 percent of female migraine patients have four or more migraines per month. A migraine headache typically lasts Read More

Should I have my breast implant placed above or below the muscle?

Regarding the thinking about breast implant placement, the pendulum has swung back and forth through the years. Surgeons were taught various things, depending on the decade. But now, surgeons have realized that the decision about whether to place the breast implant above the chest muscle or behind the chest muscle Read More

Should I get a breast lift?

Gravity is gravity, and large or small, breasts will sag. Age (the partner of gravity) is one of the biggest factors. Having babies and breastfeeding them is another culprit (though let’s take a moment to remember that breastfeeding certainly carries many benefits too!). If you have smaller breasts that are Read More

How long does breast augmentation recovery take?

If you’re like most women about to get breast implant surgery, you’re excited to begin the next chapter of your life! But you’re also thinking about the immediate impact of the surgery — namely, your recovery. Your recovery will vary according to the type of incision and technique your surgeon Read More

How often should you replace breast implants?

Many of our patients wonder if they really have to have their breast implants replaced every 10-15 years. The short answer to this question is “no.” If your breast implants are functioning perfectly and you’re satisfied with them, then there is no reason to tinker with them as a matter Read More

Can breast implants correct breast asymmetry?

Mammary asymmetry means that one breast is either larger or shaped differently than the other. It’s fairly common, and most women have mammary asymmetry to some degree (though it’s often so slight, it’s not detectable in a bra/clothing). But either way, if you feel like you have uneven breasts, you’re Read More

What makes a breast look beautiful?

Specs for the perfect breasts UK plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci recently outlined what exactly made a breast look beautiful. He did this by analyzing 100 models that appeared in the British tabloid The Sun and noting some common features (see article: The Sun- UK) . He said, ” the more Read More

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