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Permanent Makeup

Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t need to “put on your face” before heading out for the day. With our custom permanent makeup at Princeton Plastic Surgeons, you can look camera-ready without lifting a finger.


It is a time-consuming task to keep your brows looking perfect. New products to enhance your brows keep appearing on the market, and you have probably tried several. Rather than spending your time trying to create a lovely, lush brow arch, discover the magic of microblading.

How does microblading work?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that, when performed by an actual makeup artist, creates the look of beautifully-formed brows. At our aesthetic clinic, our microblading experts are truly talented in this permanent brow-enhancing technique. The process begins with choosing a color that is a match for your natural hair and skin color. Your brow area is then numbed to keep you comfortable.

A specialized tool is then used to add what appears to be natural hair strokes, filling in thinner areas, and shaping your brows. The procedure takes about half an hour to complete. The results last and last – you can expect your new brows to last from one to three years – everyone is slightly different.


Microblading shading can be performed to complement the results of microblading. This permanent makeup treatment adds color with a stippling technique in which the ink, rather than creating a stroke to appear to be a natural brow hair, is pressed into your skin to create a soft powdered look that appears as if you are wearing brow makeup.

How does microblading shading work?

Microblading shading is a custom brow enhancement technique that is only offered by expert brow specialists, as it is a more advanced technique. The microblade is used to create tiny areas of color within the brow to give a soft, powdered effect that is simply stunning.

Lip tint

Lush, pink lips are attractive and appealing. With our lip tinting treatments, your lips can appear full and luscious without lipstick. Also called “lip blushing,” this technique adds color and definition that lasts and lasts. If your lips are light in color and give you a washed-out look, you will love this treatment. You are free to wear lipstick, but on casual days or when rushed for time, you can meet the world knowing you look your best.

How does lip tinting work?

Lip tinting, when performed by a talented makeup artist, begins with a consultation to evaluate the current shape and color of your lips. The right lip color for your skin tone will be chosen from our wide range of hypoallergenic lip pigments. The color inks applied should be a perfect match for your skin, whether a light blush pink or a bolder color – it is all about you and your vision. Your lips are numbed with a topical anesthetic, and custom micro-pigmentation pen used to create your lip line with the chosen color. Your lips are then filled in with color. You will be left with lovely, fresh-looking lips that last from one to three years – no lipstick required!

Permanent eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner adds drama to your look but takes time and a steady hand. Imagine being free of this task, with your eyeliner applied perfectly from the moment you wake up! Your permanent eyeliner will be created to match aesthetics, from the subtle to slightly bolder looks. Permanent eyeliner will leave your eyes looking picture-perfect without struggling to apply eyeliner or worrying about cosmetics smudging or spreading in hot weather or during workouts.

How does permanent eyeliner work?

Permanent eyeliner is a custom tattooing process. For a very natural look, the color is applied in the lash line. Called micro-pigmentation, it involves injecting biocompatible ink to create definition. A topical anesthetic is applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. A specialized aesthetic tool is used to apply the ink in and along your lash line. You can expect the treatment to take about 90 minutes to complete, and your results to last from one to three years.


Our permanent makeup treatments can be touched up in a week or two after application to ensure the look is flawless.

Caring for permanent makeup

After your permanent makeup is applied, you will need to avoid using any cosmetics for about a week. Don’t scrub or rub the area and use only water to cleanse the area. You may have some minor swelling, and applying ice can speed healing. Typically, the swelling disappears with two days. Stay out of the sun for at least a week, as the sun’s rays can fade the inks. Don’t add sunscreen until at least a week. No swimming or hot tubs until the surface of your skin has fully healed.

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