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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

A full head of hair is not only cosmetically pleasing, it also increases self-esteem and influences how others perceive your appearance. Premature hair loss at any age can have a negative impact on your self-confidence and image, but at Princeton Plastic Surgeons, our NeoGraft hair restoration system will restore hair growth with less downtime and no staples or stitches.

Contact us today at our Princeton, New Jersey location to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Hamawy and discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals. Dr. Hamawy is one of the few physicians in the Northeast United States that offers the most advanced microtransfer techniques for hair. Dr. Hamawy and his team can restore your natural hairline and help you keep it! He has many years of experience serving as a surgeon in the U.S. Army and has always been committed to offering the best for his patient

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What Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

Statistically, about 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss each year. While traditional hair restoration surgeries require visible scarring and stitches, NeoGraft is an automated hair transplant system that utilizes advanced Follicular-Unit Extraction (FUE) microsurgery to transplant active hair follicles from a donor site without a scalpel incision.

Safe for both men and women, NeoGraft is designed to be comfortable for the surgeon, allowing for more precise follicle extraction.


  • NeoGraft is currently the least invasive hair restoration technique on the market
  • There are no scars or stitches necessary
  • The recovery time is fast, and normal activities can be resumed quickly
  • Hair can be short or long depending on patient preference
  • Results look natural

The Procedure

The modern FUE microsurgical technique of NeoGraft allows hair follicles to be harvested from a donor site at the back of the head with minimal disruption to your appearance. The follicles are extracted one at a time, with each graft the same length and diameter to increase the acceptance rate.

Prior to the procedure, a transplant plan is created to ensure that the grafted hair follicles are placed according to the direction, angle and orientation preferred by the patient. The follicles are then artistically placed into balding and thinning areas on top of the head, one at a time to maximize the success of the procedure.

The technology of NeoGraft is designed to extract follicles smoothly without pulling, twisting or potentially damaging them. This process is faster and less tedious than previous methods, making it easier for both patients and surgeons.

How Painful Is It?

There is very little or no discomfort during the procedure. In fact, many patients dose off or sleep during the procedure. Dr. Hamawy will numb up the areas with local anesthesia at the beginning so you really almost feel nothing. Afterwards, you may be a little sore but it really is nothing compared to the pain that many patients experience after having the traditional strip method.


If you are a man or woman with thinning hair and still have enough hair on the back of the scalp to transfer into the balding areas then you are a good candidate. If you have busy lifestyle and can’t afford the time off associated with the old “strip method” where a long incision is made on the back of the scalp then NeoGraft is a great option. Even if you had the strip hair transplant in the past and you are unhappy with the scar, we can use NeoGraft to fill in hair to camouflage the scar. Call Dr. Hamawy now to get back the confidence and the look that you want.

The facts are that there are more than 40 million men and 20 million women, including many that live in New Jersey that suffer from thinning hair or baldness. Hair restoration can help improve your daily interaction with people in all aspects in your life. A full head of hair can make you more desirable both personally and professionally.


After the follicles are transplanted, the implanted hair will shed within three or four weeks. This is part of the normal growth cycle, and the new hair will begin to grow in three to four months. While hair restoration does not completely stop hair loss, the regrowth that is experienced from NeoGraft will last permanently.

How Long Does It Last?

It is possible for the transferred hair follicles to grow for the rest of your life. We take some of the hair follicles from the back and sides of your scalp, which are usually genetically programmed to resist baldness. Once the follicles are transplanted they will continue to grow in their new location.

Most of the newly transplanted follicles will shed the hair shaft a few days after the procedure then regrow after about 3-4 months. It usually takes about 6-12 months before 95% of the hair follicles are growing again and you really begin to see your results.

By using NeoGraft, Dr. Hamawy can have up to 98% survival of the hair follicles because of its precision and ability to gently remove the individual grafts with minimal trauma to the hair follicles.

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Dr. Hamawy recommends that you take it easy for a day or two before going back to work. However, there are many patients choose to and are able to go back to work the next day. You should avoid exercise for about a week since vigorous activity may cause swelling that can take longer to recover from.


The actual cost of NeoGraft hair transplant in New Jersey ranges between $9,000 to $13,000 depending on how much hair is needed and how large the area to fill is, it . We offer a variety of financing options that can allow you to break up the cost into affordable monthly payments. The best way to find out is to come in for an evaluation by Dr. Hamawy and discuss what we can do for you to get your hair back.

Contact Princeton Plastic Surgeons today to schedule a consultation and find out if NeoGraft hair restoration is right for you.

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