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Advanced Hair Complex Serum by AQ Skin Solutions

Advanced Hair Complex Serum from AQ was designed and developed for millions of people who struggle with thinning hair, hair loss, and balding. AQ developed and patented this hair growth serum using cutting-edge ingredients, giving you the highest level of technology available in their formula, which is specially designed to give you back control over hair loss, helping you regrow your hair from the privacy of your own home.

What can Advanced Hair Complex do?

Advanced Hair Complex is a non-invasive serum proven to provide rapid hair growth. This serum is packed with clinically proven ingredients, including Patented GF (growth factor technology) and Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media. These ingredients and others in the Advanced Hair Complex serum are designed to stimulate the stem cells that control the growth of the hair from the follicle.

Stem cells are crucial for the production and maintenance of hair. Advanced Hair Complex from AQ provides growth factors to these stem cells to help hair grow and thrive. The advanced formulation nourishes hair follicles, bringing them to a more functional and healthy state. This process can promote a more typical hair growth cycle, leading to improved hair quality.

Advanced Hair Complex is designed to improve the overall condition of the scalp and damaged hair follicles while trying to increase the circulation of select growth factors of proteins found in healthy hair follicles. Advanced Hair helps increase circulation and nutrition to the scalp and hair follicles, improving your hair’s overall condition, quality, and texture.

How do you use Advanced Hair Complex Serum?

Advanced Hair Complex Serum is self-administered, which means you can apply it yourself to the areas you want to address. One of the benefits of this serum is that it is so convenient and can be done at home, following these simple steps:

  • At home, wash your hair and scalp with shampoo in the morning.
  • Dry your hair and scalp, then apply the serum in small amounts to the areas of your scalp you would like to treat.
  • Massage the areas where you applied the serum for five minutes or more.
  • Leave your hair unwashed for a minimum of eight hours, or ideally overnight.
  • Repeat these steps every other day. Continue until you have used all five vials of Advanced Hair Complex Serum.

When will I see results, and what can I expect after using the serum?

Because hair growth is a gradual process, the change will not be immediate. You will start to see results in a few months after you begin applying the serum.

There is no downtime or recovery needed with the Advanced Hair Complex. It is easy to use at home, non-invasive and non-surgical, so there is no concern about pain or other issues. You can achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair without a more involved procedure or any lost days to recovery time.

Is Advanced Hair Complex Serum right for me?

If you’re looking for a thicker, fuller head of hair without invasive treatments or procedures and are ready to reclaim your hair, the AQ hair growth serum may be suitable for you. Schedule a personal consultation to discuss your needs and goals at Princeton Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Hamawy will focus on the results you’re aiming for, then evaluate your hair and scalp, along with your medical history.

Dr. Hamawy has gained a reputation for excellence and is known for his skill, attention to detail, and personal touch. You can trust Dr. Hamawy and his staff for their dedication to achieving the results you want with the professional, caring approach you need.

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