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Scar Revision

Having visible scars from a personal injury or surgery can lead to self-consciousness and avoiding situations where your scars may be exposed. At Princeton Plastic Surgeons, we have several scar revision treatments available to significantly minimize the appearance and visibility of scars.

What Is Scar Revision?

Just as the causes of visible scars are unique to the individual, the treatments used to reduce the visibility of scars should also be customized in order to optimize results. While considering which scar revision treatment is appropriate, Dr. Hamawy will take several factors into consideration, such as:

  • Size
  • Color
  • How old the scar is
  • Overall appearance of the scar


At Princeton Plastic Surgeons, there are multiple treatments available to help reduce the appearance of your scars.


For some scars, Dr. Hamwy uses Kenalog injections in order to reduce the thickness of the scar tissue. Also known as Triamcinolone acetonide, Kenalog injections are commonly used to reduce swelling and inflammation in the skin.

IPL Laser Therapy

Short for Intense Pulsed Light, IPL laser therapy is used to reduce color in scars that have a predominantly red appearance. This treatment is ideal for individuals seeking a non-invasive, non-abrasive solution for reducing the appearance of their scars.

Resurfacing Lasers

Used to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin below the skin surface, skin resurfacing lasers are commonly used to smooth and tighten the skin, and can also be viable for scar revision depending on the age and appearance of the scar.


A minimally-invasive procedure that is commonly used to resurface the skin, dermabrasion gently removes the outermost layers of skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes and generating fresh new skin cells to replace damaged skin. Dermabrasion can help improve the texture of scars, helping them to blend in with your healthy skin.

Surgical Excision

In cases of severe scarring or where other methods will not work, Dr. Hamawy can surgically remove the scar from the skin, taking care to improve the appearance of the area that the scar is removed from.

Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

During your consultation with Dr. Hamawy, your individual condition will be evaluated and a customized treatment plan will be created for you.

Contact Princeton Plastic Surgeons today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamawy and find out if you are a candidate for scar revision.

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