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Adolescent Rhinoplasty

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times of life. The body is changing, peer pressure is at an all-time high, and teens are under great pressure with regard to appearance. A teenager’s physical appearance plays a huge role in feelings of self-confidence. If your son or daughter has an overlarge, oddly-shaped, or drooping nose, it can have a detrimental impact upon confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Hamawy is an acclaimed plastic surgeon, known for the quality and delicacy of his work in nose reshaping surgery.

What is Adolescent Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose structure. Undergoing an adolescent rhinoplasty in NJ can be the difference between feeling insecure and self-conscious or happy and confident in appearance. Rhinoplasty in adolescents can correct both aesthetic and functional issues with the nose. By the time your child has reached the age of 15 in girls or 16 in boys, the growth plates have reached an acceptable level of maturity to be safe to undergo a rhinoplasty.

Adolescent Rhinoplasty

Special Considerations for Adolescents Who Choose Rhinoplasty

One issue in waiting to have nose reshaping surgery in the mid- to late-teens is that choosing to have a nose job is a decision which requires a level of maturity and understanding what to expect. The procedure will require missing school for two weeks and avoiding any rough play or sports for about two months – the repaired nose structure must be protected from the risk of damage while healing.

What are the Benefits of Teenage Rhinoplasty?

The goal of rhinoplasty is to bring balance to the facial features by refining the shape of your nose. Adolescent rhinoplasty can:

  • Remove a bump or hump from the bridge of the nose
  • Straighten the profile of your nose
  • Refine the tip of the nose
  • Refine the size and shape of the nostrils
  • Open the airways to allow for healthy breathing
  • Repair a deviated septum
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Repair a broken nose

What Should I Look For in a Plastic Surgeon When Considering Adolescent Rhinoplasty?

When selecting a surgeon for your teen’s rhinoplasty procedure it is imperative that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty on teens. Each patient is unique and, therefore, requires a unique approach. Dr. Hamawy specializes in rhinoplasty and uses the most advanced surgical techniques to create the perfect nose shape to enhance the other facial features.

What Can I Expect During my Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Each rhinoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Hamawy is a custom procedure tailored to the needs of that patient. Rhinoplasty is performed in our state-of-the-art boutique clinic in Princeton, NJ. Your child will be under anesthesia during the procedure, typically twilight sleep. Then, Dr. Hamawy will expertly sculpt the new nose shape to balance the facial features, repair any breathing issues, and create a more aesthetically-pleasing look. The procedure for rhinoplasty takes approximately two to three hours.

What is the Recovery Like?

You can expect to have some swelling and bruising following a rhinoplasty. Dr. Hamawy will prescribe pain medication to help your child feel as comfortable as possible. He or she will need to sleep with the head elevated for the first 24 hours following the procedure to limit swelling.

It will be necessary take one to two weeks away from school and other activities to allow your body to heal. You may resume more vigorous exercise after about three weeks but should refrain from activities which have the potential to cause an impact on the nose for at least two months.

Why Should I Choose Princeton Plastic Surgeons for an Adolescent Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Adam Hamawy has a strong sense of both the aesthetics and the architecture that create a visually pleasing nose. He has performed dozens of rhinoplasty procedures on adolescents and has the highest level of skill in the most effective nose reshaping surgical techniques.

Such an important facial surgery should only be performed by our highly-skilled plastic surgeon, who has an extraordinary degree of experience with nose surgery and who is recognized for his artistry and ability to consistently achieve beautiful, balanced, aesthetic outcomes.

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