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Nipple Inversion Repair

The nipple is a central aspect of the beauty and appearance of the breasts. When your nipples are inverted, it can make you feel self-conscious about their appearance. Inverted nipples are a common aesthetic issue that can be corrected with a simple cosmetic surgical procedure, performed by Dr. Hamawy in the privacy and comfort of our boutique plastic surgery clinic in Princeton.

Why are My Nipples Inverted?

Many women who have inverted nipples were born that way. In others, inverted nipples may develop due to breast injury or following breastfeeding. If one or both of your nipples suddenly looks different, it is important to have a breast specialist examine your breasts to be sure there are no underlying medical conditions. Most of the time, inverted nipples are caused by tight tissue within the breast which pulls the nipple in. The condition does not pose a risk to your health, but it can pose problems with breastfeeding for some women.

What is Nipple Inversion Repair?

Nipple inversion repair is a simple in office procedure that will correct the inversion of one or both nipples. Nipple inversion repair can:

  • Provide flat nipples with a natural projection
  • Loosen tight tissue that pulls the nipple inward
  • Create a symmetrical appearance to the nipples
  • Bring you a higher level of self-confidence

How is Nipple Inversion Repair Performed?

Nipple inversion repair is a simple, minimally-invasive procedure. A local anesthetic will be administered to ensure your comfort during your inverted nipple repair. Then Dr. Hamawy will create small incisions on the underside of the nipple designed to release tight tissue of the breast and allow your nipples to be released, no longer inverted. The entire procedure can be completed in as little as 30 minutes per breast.

What is the Recovery Like?

Since each person is different, your response to your nipple inversion repair will vary in time. Your breasts will be swollen and tender for a few days following your nipple inversion repair procedure. This is normal and should subside within a few days. Since nipple inversion repair is minimally-invasive, there is little downtime required. You may return to work the next day if you choose. You may return to your normal exercise routine in a week following your nipple inversion repair.

Am I a Candidate for Nipple Inversion Repair?

Women who are not happy with the appearance of their breasts due to flat or inverted nipples who are in generally good health are excellent candidates for nipple inversion repair. If your nipple(s) has suddenly become inverted, it is important that you see a specialist to evaluate your breasts and determine the cause of nipple inversion. While most cases do not involve illness, it is important to rule out certain health conditions before proceeding with nipple inversion repair.

Will I be Able to Breastfeed Following Nipple Inversion Repair?

Your ability to breastfeed following nipple inversion correction depends on the depth at which your nipples are inverted. In minor cases, your ability to breastfeed should not be affected by the procedure. In more severe cases, the milk ducts are usually pulling on the nipple causing it to invert. You will be fully informed about your case, so you make an educated decision about undergoing the procedure.

Why Should I Choose Princeton Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Adam Hamawy an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon with experience beyond the ordinary. His mission is to enhance your natural beauty and provide natural-looking, beautiful results that will bring you greater confidence in your appearance. His kind, conscientious staff will make you feel at ease from the moment you enter our boutique plastic surgery clinic.

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