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Anti-Aging Medicine

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Although there are several surgical procedures available at Princeton Plastic Surgeons, we also offer non-surgical and less invasive anti-aging alternatives to safely and effectively address your cosmetic concerns with no downtime.

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Several treatment options now exist on the cosmetic market to rejuvenate skin, revitalize overall appearance and significantly reduce the visible signs of aging. Our anti-aging treatments can help correct several cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Mild to severe wrinkles
  • Fine lines around the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Loss of volume in the face, chin and neck
  • Tone/textural irregularities

At Princeton Plastic Surgeons, we offer multiple treatment options for anti-aging medicine, which will be tailored to your individual needs for optimal results.

Botox ®

The most popular neuromodulator on the market, BOTOX® is derived from the botulinum toxin and corrects varying degrees of wrinkles and fine lines by blocking nerve signals from reaching underlying muscles in the face, causing temporary relaxation in treated areas. BOTOX® is injected directly into muscles using a fine needle, and has proven results for up to six months.

Dermal Fillers

At Princeton Plastic Surgeons, our dermal filler injectable treatments provide instant plump to volume-deficient areas, tightening and smoothing the skin for several months after treatment. Usually consisting of several small injections in one area, our dermal fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid and other substances that are found in the body to create natural, long-lasting results.

Chemical Peels

For patients who do not prefer surgery or needles, refreshing chemical peels can gently penetrate below the surface and cause the outermost layers of skin to peel off, revealing a fresh, new layer underneath. Our peels are available in different strengths, depending on your individual needs.

Fat Grafting

Quickly gaining popularity in the aesthetic industry, fat grafting takes the patient’s own fat from areas where it is usually found in excess, such as the abdomen, love handles or thighs. The fat is then injected into volume-deficient areas, such as in the face, to naturally enhance your appearance using your body’s own resources.

Laser Hair Removal

Currently the most permanent technique for removing unwanted body hair, our laser hair removal services use the latest in laser technology to disable hair follicles at the source while maintaining the integrity of surrounding skin and tissues.

Skin Care

We also carry a wide range of medical-grade skincare products to help you establish a good skincare regimen at home. We have several brands to choose from, and depending on your individual condition we will suggest the best ingredients to help you maintain your skin health.

Contact Princeton Plastic Surgeons today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamawy and find out which anti-aging solutions are right for you.

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