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You’ve heard of the fountain of youth; discover a groundbreaking advance in facial rejuvenation – the Y LIFT®. A youthful face is universally recognized due to its Y-shaped contours at the upper and lower face. The Y LIFT procedure highlights the eyes and cheekbones and redefines the jawline.

What is a Y LIFT?

A Y LIFT delivers impressive results without a long recovery time. It elevates and accentuates the cheekbones, restores hollowed under-eye areas, and recreates youthful definition at the jawline. The Y LIFT involves no incisions, anesthesia, or surgery, creating an incredibly natural and stunningly youthful look.

Why is it called a “Y LIFT?”

The Y LIFT is named after the letter ‘Y’ due to the letter’s resemblance to the shape of youthful facial contours. Imagine one ‘Y’ with its top spread across the cheekbones and eyes and the second ‘Y’ tracing the jawline, culminating at the chin. As time passes, these distinct ‘Y’ shapes become less pronounced. The Y LIFT restores youthful contours without invasive surgery to create a refreshed, natural enhancement.

How does the Y LIFT work?

Employing a next-generation technique, a specialized titanium instrument is carefully inserted beneath the skin and muscle at level of the bone for structural volumization to lift and hold the tissues. The local anesthetic ensures comfort and results typically lasting from two to four years. Tailoring treatments to enhance your unique facial structure, Dr. Hamawy ensures a precision that’s nothing short of artistry.

Imagine a stunning facial transformation without incisions or a long recovery time. This treatment is performed with a titanium cannula (thin hollow needle). The Y LIFT® creates a space over the bone where hyaluronic acid is placed as an implant. The result is to lift and support the soft tissues for an age-defying outcome – all performed in less than an hour.

Is a Y LIFT right for me?

This innovative approach to facial rejuvenation is appropriate for younger and older patients seeking facial rejuvenation without invasive surgery. This gentle, fast procedure is suitable for those who wish to achieve any of the following enhancements:

  • Create more prominent cheekbones
  • Restore youthful jawline definition
  • Enhance the look of the upper neck
  • Sculpt and redefine a sagging jawline
  • Treat upper neck sagging
  • Smooths away jowls, smile lines, and marionette lines

What are the benefits of a Y LIFT?

  • A non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation: no scalpels or stitches.
  • Efficient and easy to experience: A stunning outcome in just minutes.
  • Zero downtime: Return to your usual day immediately after your treatment.
  • Instant transformation: Enjoy your results immediately.
  • Minimal discomfort: A virtually pain-free treatment.
  • Little to no side effects: Few, if any, side effects or discomfort after treatment.
  • No scars: Your treatment will not leave you with surgical scars.

What is the recovery time after a Y LIFT?

The beauty of the Y Lift® is its zero downtime, allowing individuals to return to their day-to-day activities without interruption. Post-procedure, it’s natural for patients to experience mild tenderness and soreness in the treated areas, but these sensations typically diminish within a few days. Some patients might experience minor bruising, but it’s transient and naturally fades away within the first week following the procedure. Aftercare is minimal, involving avoiding exercise for one week. You are free to return to your daily activities on the same day as your Y LIFT.

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Why choose Princeton Plastic Surgeons for your Y LIFT?

Serving as an Army combat trauma and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Hamawy developed exceptional skills that transcend the ordinary confines of plastic surgery. He’s been on the frontline, tackling complex cosmetic and reconstructive challenges, ensuring precision with every incision. At his private clinic, every patient can expect the ultimate in personalized care. We recognize that every individual brings their own distinct vision of beauty and well-being. At Princeton Plastic Surgeon, we honor your individuality and craft a Y LIFT explicitly customized to enhance your unique facial issues, never a “one-size-fits-all” approach. You deserve a result you love.

We are committed to a pressure-free consultation experience. Our priority isn’t to upsell but to understand, listen, and align our procedures to match your unique aesthetic goals. With us, it’s not just about transformation but transcending your expectations. We envision results that are naturally refreshed, healthy, and look like you.

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