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Jeuveau™ is one of the latest wrinkle-relaxing injectables to receive FDA Approval for temporary improvement of frown lines. Like Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport, Jeuveau is a neuromodulator that reduces the signals from the brain that cause muscles to contract. These injectable treatments can reduce the frequency and intensity of facial movements and let your skin “bounce back” to its smoother and softer self.

What Are the Jeuveau Benefits?

Jeuveau was initially developed to target glabellar lines, which are wrinkles on the forehead between your eyes. Since being approved for cosmetic use, the injectable is frequently used off-label to treat many facial areas needing anti-aging rejuvenation. Facial lines developed from smoking, laughing, and frowning can all be softened and smoothed.

Injectables such as Jeuveau are an excellent option for non-surgical anti-aging treatment. Some of the cosmetic benefits of Jeuveau injections include the following:

  • Smoothed frown lines
  • Reduced forehead wrinkles and lines
  • Smoothed crow’s feet and other wrinkles around and below the eyes
  • Reduced lip lines
  • Softened square jawlines caused by overdeveloped masseter muscles from clenching or TMJ
  • Create a “lip flip,” which makes the lip appear bigger or taller but not fuller
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Jeuveau Procedure and Recovery

Before receiving Jeuveau, Dr. Hamawy will ask you to make specific faces to see how your facial expressions impact your wrinkle patterns. This includes frowning, smiling, and pursing your lips. Treatments last up to ten minutes, and the first session generally lasts longer than subsequent visits.

Once administered into the muscle, Jeuveau blocks communication between the nerve and the corresponding muscle. The nerve relaxes, which prevents the muscle from making repeated movements, softening existing lines while avoiding forming new lines and wrinkles.

Results from Jeuveau treatments last approximately four months, although some patients report visible improvement for up to six months. Because it is a temporary treatment, you’ll need follow-up appointments to maintain your results, generally four months after your first appointment. However, after two or three treatments, you may only need “top-up” injections once every three to six months. Repeated Jeuveau injections may gradually train targeted muscles to remain more relaxed, making results longer-lasting.

While there is no downtime for Jeuveau treatments, you should refrain from the following for 24 hours

  • Vigorous exercise
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to high heat
  • Lying down directly on the treated area
  • Massaging the treated site

Why Choose Princeton Plastic Surgeons for Jeuveau in New Jersey?

During your first visit, Dr. Hamawy will ask about your concerns and desired results to better determine whether Jeuveau can accomplish your aesthetic goals. After discussing pricing and ensuring you feel as comfortable and informed as possible, he will curate a treatment plan based on your unique anatomical features. We will also take photographs to provide additional analysis and track the resulting progress. This comprehensive and personalized approach to Jeveau is why you should choose Princeton Plastic Surgeons.

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