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What makes a breast look beautiful?

by Hamawy, Adam

UK plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci recently outlined what exactly made a breast look beautiful. He did this by analyzing 100 models that appeared in the British tabloid The Sun and noting some common features (see article: The Sun- UK) . He said, ” the more breasts deviate from these measures the less attractive they are regardless of size.” He identified three key factors:

  1. The lower portion of the breast is 10% fuller below the nipples than above.
  2. The breast should have a tear drop shape with a straight sloping upper pole and a full round lower pole.
  3. The nipples are angled up 20 degrees

This is not the first study to try to define what makes a perfect breast and surely won’t be the last. Studies looking at every angle, measuring ideal nipple location and optimal breast volume in relation to the rest of the body have been published in scientific journals since as early as 1955. These measures can be used as guides for plastic surgeons when performing all types of breast procedures whether they are NJ breast augmentations, breast lift, breast reductions or breast reconstruction after cancer.

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